Ecotourism Retreat

Malaga, Spain
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'Finca las Peñas de los Gitanos' in Montefrío, Granada, is an archaeological complex and natural enclave in the provinces of Granada. It's a space charged with history that has acted as a frontier since the Neolithic until the end of the Nasrid dynasty. It has been used for the last for the last 6 thousand years as a refuge for cattle and a source of vegetal wealth. It covers a stretch of 6 kilometres, and in it can be found prehistoric tombs with well-preserved dolmens, various Bronze Age and Copper Age necropolises, Roman-Visigoth villages, as well as remains from occupations across many periods, from the Neolithic to the present. After the Civil War it was occupied by groups of gypsy families that lived there permanently. Declared a site of Cultural Interest by the UNESCO in 1996, it is 5 kilometres away from Montefrío, which offers visitors various interesting monuments, such as the 'Iglesia de la Villa' which is a castle-turned-church.

    Key points:
  • Guided visit to the Megalithic Natural Complex
  • Biodanza "La gentileza del encuentro" with Lourdes Contreras
  • 2 Nights
  • Full-board
  • Price: from €360 per person in shared 4-person apartments

The getaway is a medium to elevate the vibrations through the sacred area's energy portal, and to get to know the heritage and cuisine of the area while also transporting the participant to a remote age. With the help of our guide, you will get to know - first hand - locations such as the "Passage of Desires" and other natural resources. Learning to hear the silence, breathing and meditating will be the pillars of the weekend.

Nuestra Misión
Plantar cara al estrés, disfrutar de la naturaleza, son el objetivo de este mini retiro.
Inglés, francés, holandés, español.
Tamaño del Grupo
Grupos reducidos a 12 asistentes.
18:00 H Sheck-in / Recepción
19:00 H - 21:30 H Biodanza “la gentileza del encuentro” con Lourdes Contreras
21:30 H - 22:30 H Cena
9:00 H - 10:00 H Desayuno
10:30 H - 13:30 H Visita guiada a Montefrío: Historia, arquitectura y paisaje con Francisca Sánchez
13:30 H – 15:30 H Almuerzo
15:30 H – 18:00 H Descanso
18:00 H – 21:00 H Visita guiada del Conjunto Megalítico Paraje Natural con Francisca Sánchez
21:00 H – 22:30 H Cena
7:30 H Mindfulness
9:00 H - 10:00 H Desayuno
10:00 H – 12:00 H Taller “Tocando y oliendo la prehistoria”
12:30 H Salida
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