Malaga, Spain
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Fighting stress, enjoying nature, eating healthy and relaxing in the spa are the aims of this mini getaway. Yoga and meditation have both physical and mental benefits: concentration, emotional stability, peace, self recognition and integral mental and bodily development and progress, as well as resilience, flexibility, energy and health. With the help of a professional team, you will experience mindfulness and yoga, enjoy the spa along with a variety of massages, hear the silence of nature while trekking and get to know the local culture.

    Key points:
  • Yoga sessions
  • Spa sessions
  • Qualified teachers
  • 3 nights
  • Half-board
  • All levels welcome
  • Price: from €495 per person for individual accomodation
  • Optional: from €120 for individual accomodation extras

In a classic Andalusian 'white village', known as "the Costa del Sol's gastronomic corner," allow yourself to be seduced by its great location at just 7 km from the beach. The 4-star hotel offers various services and activities aimed at the relaxation of their customers. Enjoy its beautiful gardens and pools, taste its exquisite cuisine, rest in its large rooms and submerge yourself in its free-to-use spa. Wi-Fi is also provided free of charge for all customers.

Nuestra Misión
Plantar cara al estrés, disfrutar de la naturaleza, comer sano y relajarse en el spa son el objetivo de este mini retiro. El yoga y la meditación tienen beneficios tanto físicos como mentales. Concentración, estabilidad emocional, paz, auto reconocimiento y desarrollo integral y progresivo de mente y cuerpo sumados a la resistencia, flexibilidad, energía y salud conforman un todo. Apoyado por un equipo profesional ejercitará el mindfulness y el yoga, disfrutará del spa con opción a distintos masajes, escuchará el silencio de la naturaleza practicando senderismo y conocerá la cultura lugareña..
Inglés, francés, holandés, español.
Tamaño del Grupo
Grupos reducidos a 20 asistentes.
18:00 H Llegada al Hotel
19:00 H - 20:30 H Cena
20:30 H Tiempo libre
8:00 H - 10:00 H Desayuno
10:30 H Hatha Yoga
13:00 H - 14:30 H Almuerzo
14:45 H - 17:00 H Senderismo
17:30 H - 18:30 H SPA
19:30 H Tiempo libre
8:00 H - 10:00 H Desayuno
10:30 H Vox Yoga
13:00 H - 14:30 H Almuerzo
14:45 H - 17:00 H Visita a la localidad
17:30 H - 18:30 H SPA
19:30 H Tiempo libre
8:30 H - 10:00 H Desayuno
12:00 H Salida del Hotel